buck232002 asked: Hello, please do you have a pictures of lucky with yogapant and cameltoe ? Excuse me for my english I m french and i speak just a little. Thanks for all beautiful pictures Best

First off, the gal in my photos is my wife, Moment.

I am Lucky, the male half.

Second, I am very glad you enjoy our photos. Thanks so much for the compliment.

Third, I don’t really have any photos like that, but I too would appreciate them. I just recently bought her a pair of white yoga pants that I think would be perfect for those types of shots. I’ll have to make an effort to convince her to wear them sometime this week and get some pictures.

Thanks for the note!


Anonymous asked: Best site on the fucking internet. Bar none. That is all. Thank you.

Thank YOU!

Some older Wonder Woman costume pics


scottya812 asked: I would truly love to see Moment in a Linda Carter era Wonder Woman outfit. She could so knock that one out of the park.

We’ve actually had a few WW costumes made for her. One we were going for the Lynda Carter style CBS era costume, but I wasn’t happy with how it turned out and I have very few photos of her in it.

Another one I designed for her to dance in. That’s the one you can see in some of my older posts.

I’d really love to get an authentic one designed for her, but they are seriously expensive. I’ve only seen one designer that actually gets all of the details right and she is very expensive. It’s too bad, because I agree…she would kill it!

last one

last one

These are from when she first started dancing almost 4 years ago. She was trying on some outfits to show me.

commando with fishnets